Seizing business opportunities from Wechat


As an instant messaging application, recent years, Wechat became popular not only in China, but also throughout the world. Especially for Chinese international students, Wechat offer real-time text transmission over the Internet which enable them to contact their families more convenient. Besides the function of communication, some Chinese people in Australia seize business opportunities from Wechat public platform (subscription account) and derived a benefit from it.

Wen Jing, a Chinese student in Sydney, set up a famous Wechat public platform called “Australia news” to deliver news happened in Australia and recommend interesting places for its readers. With this platform, she can earn advertise revenue with zero cost.

“At first a lot of my friends thought I do this just for fun and it is not a profitable project. But now, they regret that they didn’t participate in it and work with me.” said Wen Jing.

Wechat public platform is mostly use for daily news and information broadcast. The limitation for broadcast is one time per day. Getting a Wechat public platform need to provide your ID and profile photo. Once you create your public platform. The account followers could see the update information in subscription area. One personal user could follow many subscription accounts for free and all these will be show in a same area called “subscription”.

As a business tool, the two main ways to get profit form Wechat is selling product and getting advertising revenue.  Some organization even organize courses to teaching people how to reap profit by Wechat.

The course include introduce Wechat and social media corporation, how to increasing your platform followers and how to build up your sales team in a short time.

“In China, some of my friends began their business through internet with low cost which inspired me.” said Wen Jing, “As a student , i am not able to pay a high cost to the business and i try to think creating a website and gain advertising revenue.”

After a serious consideration, she decided to create an news website in Chinese to disseminate news happened in Sydney. “A lot of Chinese people in Sydney do not master English and actually most people prefer reading news in their mother language. Especially for Chinese students here or some immigrants, if they want to know what happened in Sydney, they have to search on English website, it’s inconvenient for them and I think it’s a good opportunity of me.”

It was not easy as Wen Jing thought, after getting a domain name, designing layout of the website, posting news on it, she found that the clicking rate is far from high which made her disappointed. Then, she started to reconsider the website positioning.

“I think the importance of news has been exaggerated to some extent. In some people’s daily life, news is not necessary, they could also live well without knowing what happened in the world. So i try to think about what is necessary in people’s daily life.” Said Wen Jing

As a newcomer, she wants to know some interesting places in Sydney and she found that many Chinese international students around her have the same idea. After finding the potential market, she begun to consider how to reduce the cost.


(This is Wen Jing’s public platform: Australia news)

After comparing various media, Wen Jing chose Wechat for her business. She created a public platform to recommend famous places, delicious food and interesting culture events to other Chinese who are not familiar with Sydney as her. At first , she have to search and collect this kind of information on internet or recommended by friends. But after posting an article about” Top ten restaurant in Sydney”, this platform gain a lot of readers beyond her imagine.

“There are more than 10 thousands people read this article and some of them forwarded it to their friends. The number of readers followed my platform became double on that day. This article is a trigger, after that, some owners of small shops or restaurants found me and pay me for advertising.”

Nowadays, Wen Jing could master maintaining a public platform and help advertisers to spread their products or shops. “I have learned a lot from it, and I am proud of that unexpectedly I could make money with zero cost.”

Actually, in Australia, there are many Chinese people utilize social media or application for make profit. Sydney Today, a Chinese media company, their business mode is similar to Wen Jing’s Wechat platform. They have a official accounts on Wechat to delivery news and recommend interesting places. Because of their reputation ,their content on Wechat contains a lot of advertisements, most of them are private training organizations.

Moreover, they also have an official website but it is not as popular as Wechat platform. The user of Wechat claimed that they prefer Wechat because it has the same function of Website but more convenient.

“We don’t really care of the news so that we will not search news on website everyday. As for Wechat platforms, we could use our time fragments to read. When we waiting for bus or class, we use it to kill time. ” said a user.

However, Sydney today also created a application for mobile phone but did not work well. With the update of Wechat, the platform could almost replace application. Subscribers could not only read their content, but also post their comments. In addition, there are many category under the platform like property to rent, job opportunities, swap/trade. It’s a bit like “Gumtree”, the online classifieds and community website. Subscribers of this Wechat platform could post the picture of their house to find tenant, students can also find a part-time job through it. Recently, they also added videos in their content which is more multimedia.

As a business tool, the main ways to get profit from Wechat is advertising revenue. However, with the develop of social media, the business mode could be more diversified and thanks to public platform on Wechat, amateurs get chance to run business even with zero cost.


2 thoughts on “Seizing business opportunities from Wechat

  1. Hi my dear classmate!

    Your topic is my very interesting and attractive because I am using Wechat every day and read Wechat news sometimes, but I never noticed that this platform can create money with no investment. You remind me start to think about this phenomenon, thank you! I like your topic and you storytelling angle, that is great!

    If you don’t mind me make few comments to your feature story, I could list my personal ideas below.

    1. It seems that you only add one hyperlink in your text. That is fine, but I would like to see more such as “SydneyToday” because when I read to the place, I curiouse about it.

    2. You used images as your multimedia element. However, they are not so that attractive. I just mean it may difficult to engage with your audiences. The reason is, this is an online journalism, if the content is not so that interesting, the readers probably will scan reading and leave this page at their first sight.

    3. You could add some tags for your feature story. That may be effective to see the key concepts in your article. Moreover, bold some words can help readers to find your stress.

    Anyway, I still like your topic of Australian issue from Chinese group angle! This news is timely, and I was interested in it.


    Yepin Hu


  2. Hi!

    Without knowing more about WeChat, this story seems familiar to the youtuber trend we’ve been experiencing in the last years. Very interesting post, you really explain in depth a platform about which I almost didn’t know anything.

    Maybe it would be useful to have a comparison with platforms popular within the western public, if that’s your target.

    Also, I’ve found some spelling and grammatical errors:

    – Some organization even organize / Some organisations even organise
    – There are more than 10 thousands people read this article / More than 10,000 people read this article
    – The number of readers followed my platform became double on that day / I doubled my followers in one day
    – there are many Chinese people utilize social media or application for make profit / there are many Chinese citizens using social media and apps for profit

    Those are just a few examples, I think you should print it and maybe have a friend read it and write over those points that may sound a bit odd.

    An infographic on the use of WeChat could be a good addition for your post. For example, in this URL you can find the evolution of the term in Google Australia. You can use it to illustrate in a short paragraph the increasing popularity of the app in Australia.

    You can either take a screenshot or embed the code in your post. If you don’t know how, feel free to reach me out at bruno.r.armesto[at]

    Good luck, really liked the topic and learnt a lot 🙂

    Quick edit: Sorry yehu, we wrote at the same time! 😀


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