Australia prepared for Chinese holiday rush


Since the current season is the Chinese tourism peak time of the year, Australia is getting ready to greet thousands of Chinese tourists now.

According to the Tourism Australia China Market Profile last year, Chinese tourists become Australia’s second largest inbound resource in 2013, also the largest market for total expenditure and visitor nights. It is undeniable that Chinese tourists bring huge economic benefits to Australia, but, at the same time, many news media issue reports about the negative consequences The negative consequences include property prices soaring up and shortage of rare resources and products for local people out of the insanity purchase of Chinese tourists.

Here are the economic statistics related to Chinese tourists.

The above statistics indicate that the study on Chinese tourists is necessary and critical for the economic and social development in Australia.

The two major reasons for Chinese visitors to choose Australia as a destination are for holiday vacations and for education. In the percentage of the Chinese, most of them are coming for vacation. But Chinese young people seeking for higher education spend more money in Australia.

China Market Profile 2014
China Market Profile 2014

On 25th of May, 2015, about the time 6.00pm, Jun Li walked trippingly to the campus of The University of Sydney, and her first sentense to me was “hope we can still find place with the best scene”. Jun Li is a 23 years old girl traveling with her boyfriend in Sydney. She accepted my interview with pleasure the other day we met, she mentioned we could do the interview during the VIVID Sydney show in The University of Sydney campus.

The University of Sydney, 25 May 2015 Photo: Muyang YUAN

Special festivals are the factors to attract turists. “This show is one of the reason I decided to come.”After we find a place to settle, Jun told me excitingly, “the first time I knew the show, it goes to my must seen list immediately, and I decided I must come when I got a boyfriend. Now I do, so here I am!”

Jun was born in a small city in Hebei province of China. She told me when she was a little kid, she was already curious about the western cultures.

“In Chinese children’s book, there are a lot of western cultural elements, including pictures and fairy tales. I was under the impression that the buildings in western countries are look exactly the same as the pictures. Since then, I planed to go abroad to see the place in my dreams. As I grew up, I found out about VIVID Sydney. I immediately took it as a apart of my dream. Australia is a beautiful country. Why don’t we go there for a look? After the idea came across to my mind, I just grabed my camera and my suitcase jumped on a plane.”

The University of Sydney, 25 May 2015 Photo: Muyang YUAN

When it comes to the question why choose to come to this campus for the show, Jun blinked her eyes, smiled and pointed the main building Quadrangle.

“Don’t you think the building is magnificent? It’s a classic shape in western fairly tales. It looks like an old castle living with princesses and princes, and it is in The University of Sydney. I mean, Chinese have always been longing to famous schools. But I’m not gonna miss others. I’m planning to see the show in other landmark on the following days.”

Like Jun said, the Chinese tend to longing to famous schools, so there is a new type of tourists. Chinese people favor educational tourism sites to travel with their children to get a sense of western cultures and education.

Mrs Yili Jiang, a manager of NCT Tours & Travel based in China town, with a history of 25 years said, “Yes, our company provides this kind of traveling packages. Most customers are middle-age parents and teenage kids.”

Recently, the population of international students increases significant, especially from China. As education is one of the most popular interests of the Chinese, the tourism related to education from Chinese tourists stimulates the economic growth as well.

Mrs Jiang said, “We usually accept the consumers from travel agencies from China. Most parents are looking for a university for their nearly graduate kids. They inquire to see all the famous schools. Also some of them just want to show their kids what the top universities look like, and they think university viewing is a good chance for education.”

Along with the growth of visitors, negative consequences are also undeniable. Nearly every countries’ news media have reported the poor manners of Chinese in crazy shopping.

“After I told my family about my trip, my family asked me to buy like tons of milk powder for my cousin, countless health care products for my family elder, and of course 4 pairs of UGGs. Because in their word, this is Australia. It would be a trip without meanings to not buy these products.” Jun sounds reluctant, “Now because of all the shopping schedule, we don’t have enough time to see around the city.”

“Baby milk powders have been sold out at Australian supermarkets and pharmacis” plenty of the news media more or less report about the topic. After a serious incident about Sanlu milk powder, Chinese people are worries about the quality of milk product and are willing to spend twice of price on foreign brands through the chinese biggest selling website Taobao, especially from Australia. The price on Taobao is 54 AUD, more than twice of the 24 AUD in local market. Even though the purchasing channel is not legal, there are still numerous people buying from Taobao. Though the demands from China stimulate the industry, but at the same time, it also causes the shortage of living resources like milk powder in Australia.

“I still have tons of stuff to buy, but hopefully I can have enough time to seeing around with a good planning.”Jun said, after she crossed some items on the shopping list from her family. “Hopefully I’ll have a good time in Sydney It’s a nice city, isn’t it?”