Six killed by Cyclone Victor

Six Honiara residents were killed and another eighteen injured after a 140kph cyclone hit early yesterday morning.

Three people were drowned after their car was blown into a river. Flying debris killed another two women and a man.

Eighteen Honiara residents have been treated in hospital for minor injuries. More than a hundred were left homeless as over twenty houses were destroyed and many other buildings structurally damaged.

Destruction by Cyclone Hudbud, October 2014 (Source: Wikimedia/ Indian Navy)

At 10am yesterday, Cyclone Victor was blowing Honiara at more than 140kph. At noon, the centre of the cyclone passed above Honiara and blew itself out into the Coral Sea.

Meteorologists detected the rapidly developing cyclone near Nauru at 2am, which was moving quickly south-west across the Pacific towards the Solomon Islands.

Emergency plans were put into action an hour later and Honiara residents were warned by police officers.

Destructions by Cyclone Victor in nearby districts are being investigated but the emergency services believe Honiara was the worst affected, where clean-up is now underway.

Cyclone Catarina, March 2004 (Source: Wikimedia/ NASA)
Disclaimer: This is an in-class practice for a university course.

One thought on “Six killed by Cyclone Victor

  1. Excellent work Winmas. Strong headline, pictures and clean copy. Mind the couple of slight errors that creep in later in the story. Also, the word killed is usually reserved for the death of humans due to a malicious act by another, and so isn’t really appropriate in this context. Perhaps Six Die in Cyclone Victor? Otherwise, well done.


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