Cyclone Strikes Solomon Islands Capital

Six people dead and over 100 were left homeless in Honiara yesterday as cyclone ‘Victor’ blitzed through the Solomon Islands capital. Blowing at over 140km/hr, the cyclone passed over Honiara at midday, destroying homes and buildings, leaving an additional 18 people injured.

Residents walking through the rain and surrounding debris following the aftermath of the cyclone (Audience Submitted: Tony Bransby)


The Nadi Weather Centre, located in Fji, detected the cyclone at 2a.m. that morning, contacting the Solomon Islands Government to launch emergency operations. Warnings were broadcasted on radio, and police were sent through the city to warn citizens of the cyclone’s arrival. Cyclone ‘Victor’ passed through Honiara with winds striking up debris that killed two women and one man. A further three men were drowned as their car was blown into a river, says police.

Cyclone ‘Victor’ forecast before its destruction of Honiara (Photo: The Weather Boy)


Post its destruction, Cyclone ‘Victor’ has since tracked into the Coral Sea. Clean up operations have begun in Honiara where it is believed to be the most affected, but emergency services are still awaiting news on the damages from outlying districts.


One thought on “Cyclone Strikes Solomon Islands Capital

  1. Hi Hannah, thanks for this, its a good story with a strong headline and pictures. Another read through might make it even better … I’d suggest another look at the first sentence (“are” dead; be careful of using more words than you need eg ‘post its destruction’; and read carefully for grammar and sense. Well done.


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