Huge Damage in Honiara after the Cyclone “Victor”

Six people were killed, 18 people were injured and no less than 100 people became homeless after the hitting of cyclone in Honiara yesterday.


A cyclone sparked violent winds which blowing at more than 140 kilometers per hour, having caused huge damage to the Honiara by midday. In Honiara, more than 20 houses were destroyed and a number of other buildings sustained considerable structural damage. Among those six people who died, three men drowned in river, two women and a man were killed by flying debris. On the basis of report, Honiara has been the worst affected.

In fact, the Nadi Weather Centre had contacted the government in advance that rapid-developing cyclone named “Victor”, which was near Nauru, would soon spread from Pacific towards Solomon Islands. Thus the government made some preparations. They put emergency plans into operation immediately, such as warning all shipping in the area of the cyclone’s approach, broadcasting warnings on the radio as well as alerting the police, who in turn sent officers to warn the people.

In the aftermath of the cyclone “Victor”, the mopping-up operations have already started in Honiara.



One thought on “Huge Damage in Honiara after the Cyclone “Victor”

  1. Hi Eva, I like your story for its pictures and the headline which reaches for something different. You are tending to over write however, using phrases like ‘in fact’ and ‘thus’ and using adjectives to adorn your nouns. Less of this will help the clarity of your story. Also, in the headline it is better to be specific … so rather than saying ‘huge damage’, you might say ‘100 homeless’ or ’20 houses go’ or ‘six die’ … see hat I mean? Choosing the right words for the headline is especially important when you are targeting SEO, as we will discuss this week, and trying to use keywords that will emulate something a reader might search for on google. Good effort Eva.


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