Six Die in Cyclone “Victor”.

Six people died and over 100 people are homeless in Solomon Islands now because the Victor Cyclone with high speed passed directly yesterday.winston_2016-02-20_0130z_cropped

Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, has been the worst affected place of the deadly Cyclone Victor. Nadi Weather Centre founded this cyclone at 2 a.m. of yesterday and warned the government of Solomon Island. By 10 a.m., winds in Honiara were blowing at more than 140kph. About two hours latter, the centre of Victor passed over Honiara, then tracking into Coral Sea.

This deadly cyclone caused six people died, including four men and two women, eighteen people injured, twenty houses destroyed and more than 100 people are homeless.2015-03-15t095317z2010845298gm1eb3f1di901rtrmadp3weather-vanuatu-cyclone2

Mopping-up operations have started in Honiara.


One thought on “Six Die in Cyclone “Victor”.

  1. Hi Flora, you have written a strong headline and used the pictures well. Also the main facts are all present in the introduction. You need to pay some attention to your English, which could be better.


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