Six killed in the Cyclone Victor

Cyclone Victor attacked Solomon Islands and lead to six people died and over 100 people homeless yesterday.


Cyclone passed directly over Honiara at more than 140 kilometres per hour at midday.


Victor killed eight people, injured 18 people and made more than 100 people homeless. Furthermore, More than 20 houses were destroyed and other lots of buildings were damaged in Honiara.


At 2 a.m. yesterday morning, meteorologists at the Nadi Weather Centre detected a cyclone was moving rapidly south-west across the Pacific towards the Solomon Islands, and they named it “Victor.


They contacted the government to warn the Cyclone Victor. Government officials pulled the emergence alarm immediately to warn people.


Now, hospital is treating injured people and government has started mopping-up operations in Honiara.


Of the six people who died, police said three men drowned when the wind blew off their car from the road into a river, and flying debris killed two women and a man.


The emergency services are still waiting news from outlying districts, but they believe Cyclone Victor has the worst affected Honiara.


One thought on “Six killed in the Cyclone Victor

  1. Hi Kary, you have managed to get all the main points up high in the story. Perhaps you could even bring the third paragraph into second position? In the headline, you don’t need to use “the” for Cyclone Victor, this can stand alone as ‘Six killed in Cyclone Victor’. Its usual o put headlines in present tense, so maybe Six die in … would be better? Also, as I said in class, using the word ‘attacked’ is inappropriate when referring to a cyclone (its usual reserved for an ‘attack’ by a human).


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