Six people killed by Cyclone Victor

Six people killed by Cyclone Victor in Solomon Islands yesterday, and more than 100 people were homeless.

Meteorologists who working at the Nadi Weather Centre sensed a developing cyclone at 2 a.m. yesterday which near to Nauru and moving to the Solomon Islands. At 3 a.m. the Nadi Weather Centre communicated with the Solomon Islands government to caution the Cyclone named Victor. Emergency plans were implemented immediately by the government. All shipping in the cyclone effected area were warned. The radio station also broadcasted the warning to the people.

Winds in Horniara were blustering at more than 140kilometres per hour. In Honiara,  Victor destroyed more than 20 houses and damaged the buildings. This situation effected more than 100 people are now homeless. During the cyclone, six people died, three men drowned when the car rush out the road into the river, and flying debris killed another man and two women.


One thought on “Six people killed by Cyclone Victor

  1. Thanks Ellen … a good effort. Some of the main facts are in the introduction, but others are not told until much later in the story … can you bring them to the front? The headline is good and clear but would be better in the present tense. Perhaps you could delete people from the headline? Six die in …? we know you are still speaking of people, don’t we. And the introduction is missing ‘were’ in the phrase six people killed … to make it into a proper sentence.


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