A commentary on a Wikinews article Bomb Explosion in Lahore Kills More Than 65 on Easter

I will chose the article named Bomb explosion in Lahore kills more than 65 on Easter, and I will give some suggestions in order to improve the scannability of the online news story, and this news posted on Wikinews. I also found another news story on The Sydney Morning Herald World online news Pakistan bomb blast: Woman and children among dozens killed in Lahore park explosion.



The headline of this news is clear to show the accident happened(when, where, what, how). The article also has reported the details about the news. Moreover, it has the quote of an eye-witness in order to support the incident news. There is not very many paragraphs to report the news which is more clear and easy read for readers.


As for the improvement of the online news and the scannability, I recommend using subheadings to guide the audience get the information directly. This article need has more news images or the video to show the incident, however, if it use images and video need to have the notice about the negative influence of the audience because the images and video may let readers feel bad.

(Jiali Li, SID: 440524142, word count :191)


2 thoughts on “A commentary on a Wikinews article Bomb Explosion in Lahore Kills More Than 65 on Easter

  1. I also read another news on Wikinews and I agree with you. Wikinews has some problems on guiding readers to do reading. For instance, the pure words make readers feel boring and unattractive, and less of pictures and videos are the serious problems. I think your analysis is good and concise, but I think Wikinews is still having profession in it because it has resources from other mainstream report which is permitted by the original author. Nevertheless, too many quotes and less details in Wikinews still need to be improved.


  2. The points of view in your post are clear. In addition the news attracts me to know more details. This news services indeed improve for the long paragraph leading the difficulties of reading. I found that some other classmates chose Wikinews as an example to discuss. I think you need more deeper analysis about this news. But this post is good to read.


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