A Commentary about the report of Brussels attacks on CNNireport

I chose the news reported on CNNireport about the serial bomb happened in Brussels on 22th of March.

CNNireport is a participatory website for citizen journalism reporting the truth and opinion about one news. For this news, CNNireport left a simple and clear headline to engage audiences. In addition, the leading and the news story is short and clear to introduce the basic fact to let reader know what, when and how that happened.屏幕快照 2016-04-02 下午4.09.35

Then, many different posts around world, about the tribute, show follow the story. Different people from different countries prayed for Brussels in different ways. Moreover, there are photographs shows the current situation in the airport of Brussels. The pictures are not taken by professional journalists but shocked and powerful.

The style of CNNireport makes the same news could have different delivery angle by citizen journalism with stronger emotion that could help audiences feel the news story not only as the “cold” fact. While, CNNireport seems like a social media platform for sharing information without authority.

This is all my own opinion about the news represented on CNNireport.

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3 thoughts on “A Commentary about the report of Brussels attacks on CNNireport

  1. Yes, I agree with you. The headline and leading of this article seems very clear and simple, and it included many pictures. However, the article was not very professional as official news website because it was from citizen journalism. In general, I think participatory is not truthful enough, comparing with mainstream, but it can reflect what people think about.

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  2. Firstly, I agree your opinion about this news. This article had a very clear and simple headline, and it had very clear leading about the incident details (when, where, what, how and who). However, owing that is a citizen journalism website, so it did not have some professional writing style about its language. In my opinion if there has more information about the incident will be more attractive such as, interviews, videos and more professional journalism way to report. However, this website is more focus on engaging the publics to share their view of incident, like kary said above, it will reflect the opinion from the users.

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