A Commentary on a Piece of Wikinews

The news I choose to analysis titled ‘Suicide bomber attacks Istanbul, kills four’ published on Wikinews on March 21, 2016. This piece of news is good as a whole, for example, there is a section about related articles listed on the right side of the news story “giving the readers access to where the information came from as well as saving the user time and effort in finding out more”(Rohumaa, L., & Bradshaw, P.aul 2011), but there are still some points should be improved to better its online delivery.

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•1.There is no other method like apps and platforms for readers to receive latest news except by logging into the website, which would influence the efficiency of online delivery.

•2. Journalists are allowed to upload various media such as video and audio. (Rohumaa & Bradshaw. 2011) Laking of multimedia methods to release the news would influence the expression effect of the news.

•3. No comments are allowed on the page, which would influence readers engaging in online news releasing.

•4. The information management should be improved. The website layout is mixed and in confusion and there is no specific categories of the news presented on the main page.


( Student Number: 450427655       Name: Xuan He (Eva)      Word Count:198 )


Rohumaa, L., & Bradshaw, P. (2011). Writing for the web. In Online Journalism Handbook: Skills to survive and thrive in the digital age. Routledge.

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One thought on “A Commentary on a Piece of Wikinews

  1. Hi Eva! I like your commentary on the improvement of online delivery. In terms of the aspects of hypertext, multimediality and interactivity, you have listed all the improvements on the article clearly and concisely. I am totally agree with you that subheadings should be used to guide the reading and multimedia methods will be helpful for the expression of the news story. But still, I have a few suggestions. As you mentioned at the beginning that ‘the piece of the news story is good as a whole’, maybe write one or two sentences suggesting why it is good, what methods the article used to enhance its online delivery will be better. Besides, there’s a small mistake, ‘analyze’ rather than ‘analysis’. But as a whole, it is really good!


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