Some improvements on a Wikinews article

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When browsing through the online articles for this task, I found a good article on Wikinews entitled “Explosions at Brussels airport and subway systems”, which was published on March 22, 2016. The headline of this article was simple and clear, and lead of this article included what, where, when, why, who and how which was good, but it still had several areas for improvements.

Firstly, the headline was not attractive enough. Maybe it can use serious or attractive words to appeal audiences, because a good headline decides wether readers want to continue read or not.

Secondly, the leading of this article was too long to read. In leading there had some useless information, such as some names.

Thirdly, there were too many quotes in this article and less of descriptions about the whole incident.

Fourthly, there need some shocking pictures to draw people’s attention.

It had several links about this incidents and social media links which had been provided to readers to share it, but there lack of interactions under this article.

SID: 440411668

Name: Xuan Guo (Kary)

Word account: 170

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3 thoughts on “Some improvements on a Wikinews article

  1. Firstly, I agree with your opinion, the leading of this news is too long and useless for readers to continue reading. Secondly, I think Wikinews need to post some video about the incident or more pictures as you mentioned. Moreover I think Wikinews need to do more interview with different people including witness and victim. However, the basic requirement of news this article had been did well.


  2. Clear points of view about the commentary of the news on Wikinews. I agree with you about the difficulty to read the leading of this news. As a participatory news service, Wikinews might not engage the readers or audiences to share information and opinion about the breaking news. The long article without enough pics is really difficult for readers pay more attention on it and finish reading the whole story.


    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, Wikinews has many problems on posting news indeed. I have researched Wikinews online, the reports that they write are permitted by original work and authors, so it is professional in the certain degree, but still less professional than mainstream news report.

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