A commentary on online delivery: ABC News Online case study

After browsing news stories online, I choose the article ‘Antarctica’s melting ice alone could lift sea levels one metre by 2100, doubling previous forecasts’ published by ABC News Online.

屏幕快照 2016-04-04 下午6.55.03.png

A lead in bold is helpful for grasping the main idea. There is plenty of white space and vary paragraph lengths, ‘eye can easily take in the point and can orientate on a scrolling page’ (Dorner, 2002).

An image of the iceberg and a GIF video displaying Antarctic warming provide readers with a visual and intuitive impression. There are hyperlinks provided for readers to link to more related stories. Tags are labelled and sharing buttons at both the top and the bottom promote a wide range of dissemination.

屏幕快照 2016-04-06 下午3.09.48.png

Nevertheless, there still exists several drawbacks that may affect the scannability. For one thing, the headline demonstrates ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’, but a more concise and attractive title will be better. There is only one subheading, more should be used to guide the reading.

The text seems lengthy. Readers with limited specialized knowledge may feel difficult to concentrate on so many details. Multimedia enhances the storytelling. I would recommend omitting less crucial information, adding more conspicuous pictures and short videos for explaining issues instead.


(Yan Xu, SID: 460132848, Word count: 199)


Dorner, J. (2002). ‘Good web writing’. In: Writing for the Internet. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Information and Photo resources from:



3 thoughts on “A commentary on online delivery: ABC News Online case study

  1. Great observations Emily! I really agree with you that the article is a little boring for there is no subheading. Well, there is a suggestion I recommend to improve this article. After reading this news, audiences can not contact with authors. It would be better for ABC News Online to improve their interactivity by adding a place for readers to leave their comments and offering authors’ contact information such as emails and twitter accounts.


  2. Good effort Emily. I agree with you on the point that people without professional knowledge would feel a little bit difficult to grasp the main idea of this news. The photo presented is vivid and attractive which would benefit the online delivery. While I think there is no email contact for the readers to communicate with the author, which could be regarded as a weak point. Furthermore, there is no sharing link for readers to share the news with others, which is not convenient. And lacking of some forms of apps or platforms for users to receive the latest news would influence the efficiency of online delivery.That is all for my suggestion, hope that it would be available for your writing.


  3. Good commentary Emily! I agree with you that the the lead in bold is helpful for grasping the main idea, and some keywords such as ” Antarctica ” and “greenhouse gas emissions”. However, the lead is not inaccurate and unauthentic at all, the sentence “according to a new study” is not concise.
    It is a long news so chunking is important to split it into part because reader prefer shorter one. I agree with you that more sub-headings, images and videos could be added for chunking, as well as for multimediality. I suggest lists and bullets could be added as well.
    Although some key words are included in headline for SEO, it is tedious long, I suggest some unnecessary information could be deleted such as “doubling previous forecasts” and the words should be concise.
    Moreover, some interactivity features could be improves. Social media sharing buttons help to engage audience, but comment area is absent. Email contacts of authors should also be on the sites.

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