A commentary on CNN news: ALL EYES ON TRUMP


The news articles I am discussing here is All eyes on Trump from CNN news by Eric Bradner on April 5, 2016.

The article was the first thing appeared on the main page of CNN News, it catches my eyes immediately by the name‘Trump’.

Under the title there is a video package played automatically, it starts with ads and also multiple ads throughout the rest of videos. The video package keeps playing for hours until I paused it.

Eric start the article with a brief summary of newest status of campaign in Milwaukee. I appreciate his compact style of writing, it abounds in neat turns of phrase yet informational enough to lead the reader into the next part of the texts.

Following by five individual sections divided by five sub-titles, each title has its own focus on different candidate. Eric remains objective tone throughout the texts, he also inserted photos, chart and more videos in between these sections to help reader analyzes the campaign.

In summary, the article is very informational for the readers who want to comprehensively understand the current issue of 2016 U.S election.

In my opinion, there are too many ads in the website.

Moreover, the article would be better if the editor could choose a range of videos that is more selected and more targeted.

In addition, as a mainstream and an American media, it stands to reason that CNN has its focus on their local news such as U.S. politics in the U.S. edition. However, since I’ve changed into international edition, the top news is still the same subject, which I would expected and preferred the subject could be something less American, but more international.

Jingsi Guo. SID: 460088280. Word count: 280. 



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