Blog feature proposal – Profiling the floral artist

by Laura Syvaniemi

Student ID 440582669


For my online profile feature piece I would like to give the reader a glimpse into the world of creative floral design and shine a light on the person behind the blooms. Through an interview with one of Sydney’s talented wedding and event florists, I would like to share the story of one woman’s love for creation, the struggles and triumphs of creative entrepreneurship and how the seemingly simple process of flower arranging is actually behind the scenes a form of art.


Few people realise the amount of work and love that goes into creating high end floral design. Behind the immaculate arrangements is so much more. Hours of administration work, 4 AM mornings at the flower markets, literal blood, sweat and tears in the design studio, hands stripped raw and bleary-eyed all-nighters to pull off floral event designs ranging from small and delicate to statement en masse. Florists work with what may well be the most delicate of all design materials: living things.

With lush greenery and statement floral installations heavily trending in weddings for 2016 and 2017, creative florists are the new event design superstars. They are romantically portrayed in fine art wedding publications; forest-foraging, carelessly luxe, slow living and Kinfolk-toting descendants of Mother Earth. However the reality behind the business of florals is far less glamorous – or is it?

I am reaching out to a few of Sydney’s most renowned floral designers, such as Emily Michele Smith of Boutierre Girls who is my personal industry idol and who has created an immensely successful floral business in only two years. Other options for interviewees might be Sydney-based florists Jardine Botanic or My Violet, both creators of a similar organic and artistic style.

As it is wedding season – and it’s always season for those in most demand – and spare time is scarce, it’s possible that another angle and type of interviewee may be needed to switch to. In this case I could contact less renowned florists and hear the story of their budding (no pun intended!) dream.

As this feature is a profile, it is highly subjective and only briefly touches upon wider, mainly wedding, event and floral industry-related contexts and topics. It works as a human interest piece as well as an insight into a niche, aimed mainly at the industry but possibly interesting to a far larger audience – especially that of brides planning their weddings. Online delivery would preferrably be aided by strong use of visuals, if possible photographs of the interior of a floral studio as well as the artist at work.

An online publication suitable for this profile piece would be wedding blog Hello May, which is read by brides and industry creatives alike and which also publishes a print counterpart.

Word count: 466

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One thought on “Blog feature proposal – Profiling the floral artist

  1. Hi Laura,

    I really like your article idea! The florist profession and its contributions to the Wedding industry is so easily overlooked, it will be very interesting to hear about the details about how they approach their craft.

    It might be a good idea to ask your interviewee’s artistic vision, and what kind things they draw inspiration from, such as artists, artworks or general fashion trends that may affect the way they create their floral creations. You could also ask about their experiences with working with brides and how they collaborate the vision of the flowers/bouquets the bride wanted, whilst still maintain their artistic individuality. It would also be interesting to hear about the florists process of choosing flowers, especially with the 4am flower markets, it would be interesting if you could photograph and join them while they choose their flowers.

    Also some background information into the prevalence of the wedding industry and floral industry in Australia could help give some additional knowledge to the readers who may not know much.

    In regard to your proposal blog post, it might be a good idea to include sub-headings to help section off the parts of your proposal. The addition of links to some newspaper articles or websites that are related to your topic could also help strengthen your proposal post in terms of transparency and research.

    Overall, an exciting idea. All the best with it 🙂



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