Conservative Community Unite to Make Their Voice Heard in the Australian Government


An announcement was made earlier this year by the Turnbull Government of a Senate voting reform to be implemented in the Australian election on July 2nd this year. Under the new laws, parties will no longer be able to swap preferences in order to secure seats in the senate. Furthermore, voters will have their ballot discarded if their preferred candidates are excluded from the race, resulting in a potential loss of thousands of votes in the upcoming election.

These changes to the current voting system will hinder minor and independent political parties in entering the senate, effectively silencing the voices of thousands of Australian voters.



In response to the voting reforms being passed, Family First Federal Chairman and Senator Bob Day, who challenged the voting reform, expressed to the ABC that:

“Voters who choose to be represented by a minor party or, rather, who do not want to be represented or do not vote for a major party under these new laws, will see their vote, by and large, exhaust.”


Aim & Interviews

In talking about the Christian community’s reaction and pro-activeness towards changes in the political realm Dharius Daniels, founding pastor of Kingdom Church in Ewing, N.J, expressed that “Many [Christians] are silent on issues we need to speak on… Christians must reclaim the conversation and refuse to allow our voices to be minimized.”

In a similar vein, with these changes in Australian Government and the subsequent reform of the voting system, I have chosen to focus my feature article to be on the actions of the Christian community with Sydney and how they are responding to the changes in the voting systems. Tentatively titled “Mobilising the Voice of a Community: Christian community takes a stand for their place in the Australian Government.”

Through this feature article, I want to focus upon the importance of communities standing up for a cause through community activism, and the power of a united community to ensure that their opinions and voices are heard by the Australian Government.


The article will detail the events of a rally held at Martin Place on the 1st of May, 2016 at 2pm, aiming to show the high court judges the public unrest against the vote reforms. This rally is led by the directors of the Family First political party, an independent Christian political party led by Senator Bob Day.

The feature will include an interview with Ben Irawan, a director for the Family First party, an active member within the community and is the event director of the annual Sydney Easter Parade & Family Day. Other interviews may possibly include potential on-the-spot interviews with participants and other politicians on the day of the rally.


Target Publication & Audience

The targeted publications of this feature article would be RELEVANT magazine/website, a publication directed towards young Christians between the ages of 20-30.


Their aim is to produce stories that cover faith and culture, as well as facilitating discussion about “challenging worldviews and causing people to see God outside the box they’ve put Him in”. The reader demographic of the magazine presents a perspective that resonates with the issues of the my feature article, as politics and voting contribute to the future lives of young people, and whether their beliefs will be represented in the Australian government.




[Hannah Rae Ramos, SID: 312068735. Word count: 550]


One thought on “Conservative Community Unite to Make Their Voice Heard in the Australian Government

  1. I think it is a meaningful issue which could attract the public attention and relates to civil rights. As I know, there are many negative attitudes towards the vote. People think it needs a large amount of funds and it will take a long period of time to get the final result of the vote. Besides, there will be some social influence, for example,the plebiscite of the equality of marriage may need to discuss on the legalization of same-sex marriage. It may lead to serious public attack on LGBT people. So, I think it maybe good to present some necessity of the vote and the real and different reaction that people look on this vote because the audience need to get new information and new angle of this issue.


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