International students volunteer more than local students. Is this true?

According to the data researched by the National Volunteering Strategy, growth in volunteering is obvious. More people are volunteering but for less time than in the past. The number of adult volunteers almost doubled from 3.2 million in 1995 to 6.1 million in 2010. It seems a good trend that more people would like to join in the voluntary work.

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However, with the experience of voluntary work, I found, during the volunteers, the quantity of international students is more than local students, which seems to be a little strange and unbelievable. I want to search for more evidence about this to make sure whether the situation is generally true or not but there are less report and information about the doubt. It will be an effective way to go to some voluntary institution to ask for related voluntary records about volunteers.

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My feature news article aims to explore whether international students volunteer more than local students. Besides, I will discover the reasons why international do voluntary work and to find out the meaning of volunteering.

I’m going to start my news article by sharing the experience that I did voluntary work for MS organization and the feeling I got during the work. And I plan to make several interviews on 2 international students and 2 local students about their attitudes and their experience on volunteering. Considering clarify the truth that in recent years whether international students do more voluntary work than local students, I need to have an interview on the person who work for voluntary organization to collect more exact information.

It may be no use just focusing the truth. I want to present more potential stories and meanings behind volunteer. The purpose of news article is not just to make sure on the doubt that I put forward before but to attract public attention to show more cares about vulnerable groups and attract more people to try their best to help others.

Even though the data or statistics I explore from individual voluntary organizations cannot prove the whole situation but it still could reflect some reality. I plan to ask international students, why they would like to do such voluntary work in the country which is not their motherland, is there any difficulties during the work and I find more international students do voluntary work than locals, do you have the same feeling. When facing local students, I will ask them the times or period they provide on voluntary work, the reason they do this work, and the reason you think people don’t want to do voluntary work.

It’s important to do interview, but it also seems to be important to collect effective and objective data from like “volunteering Australia” and “Australian Bureau of Statistics“to make doubts more clear.

Hui LIU (Kira)

SID: 450512386

Word Count: 463


[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2007, Voluntary Work, Australia, 2006, (cat. no. 4441.0) <>.

[2] Borgovni, F. 2008, ‘Doing well by doing good. The relationship between formal volunteering and self-reported health and happiness’, Social Science and Medicine, vol. 66, p. 2331

[3] Australian Government, National Volunteering Strategy, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, 2011, p. 8 &12


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