The pitch of feature—Save Tasmanian Devil!


Tasmanian Devils have been described as the vacuum cleaners of forest, because their scavenging eating habit. The scientific name of Tasmanian Devil is Sarcophilus harrissi, a member of the family Dasyuridae. Tasmanian Devils are not popular among people as Koalas or Kangaroos. For foreigners, if they do not come to visit Australia they may not know about this kind of animals. As one of unique animals of Tasmanian State in Australia, Tasmanian Devils become the logo of many organisations in Tasmania State for gaining more popularity and public awareness. In addition, there is a cartoon character called Taz of Looney Tunes cartoon.


The situation of Tasmanian Devils, however, is heartbreaking. Because the eating habit of Devils, some Devils are killed by passing-car on the road. Moreover, the number of Tasmanian Devils is killed by the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). This kind of tumour is infectious among Devils, which resulting Devils cannot eat, be blind and die. The infection of DFTD might because of the immune and genetic system of Devils. The population of Devils is keeping reduce because these two main factors and other reasons.


** FILE ** A Oct. 3, 2007 file supplied photo of a Tasmanian devil stuffering a deadly facial tumour disease. Scientists believe they have made a major breakthrough in the fight to save Tasmanian devils from a deadly facial tumour disease that is decimating their numbers. (AAP Image/University of Sydney) NO ARCHIVING, EDITORIAL USE ONLY

I have kept following the situation of Tasmanian Devils since the first semester of 2015. I am really interested in this kind of animal and needs someone to represent the current situation of the Devils that they are facing extinction. I have kept in touch with Doctor Catherine Grueber— one of postdoctoral fellow of San Diego Zoo to join in the group of the University of Sydney to the Saving Tasmanian Devils Program. I would like to interview her or other teammates of her if Catherine not available during this period. I would like to obtain professional and official information about the situation and population of Tasmanian Devils. San Diego Zoo of America, the Government of Tasmania have the program of saving Tasmanian Devils. Moreover, for engaging the research of Tasmanian Devils and DFTD, there is the scholarship and with a combination of public donations and corporate support for devil vaccine project for Tasmanian Devil.

In another aspect, compare with panda of China, Tasmanian Devils lack the public awareness both in the domestic area and international field. Even there are some projects and program trying to save and protect Devils, publics still do not pay more attention on the potential extinction of Tasmanian Devil. Many different cartoons have the adorable panda characters, for example the Kong Fu Panda. But for Tasmanian Devils, Taz seems scared for people to accept.


The ideal online publications for my feature, I would like the natural or environmental part of some influential websites. These popular websites may attract more attention. At present, most of people familiar with “fast food” culture, but the information about the current situation of Devils should not be ignored and covered instantly without any public awareness about the population of Tasmanian Devils declined.


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2 thoughts on “The pitch of feature—Save Tasmanian Devil!

  1. Firstly, I really like your idea, honestly, I do not know the terrible situation about Tasmanian Devils, in my impress, Tasmanian Devils are very cute not like the name of them. I think you are very careful about Tasmanian Devils, owing to that you have kept following their situation from 2015, and now you will keep following their news.
    Secondly, I think the professor that you contact with is very professional and she will give the latest news and information for your feature. However, I have some opinions that want to talk. I think you may need to interview staffs in local zoo, but you may have some difficulties to connect with Tasmanian zoo, so some Sydney zoos can you contact with them? The declined of Tasmanian Devils just caused by natural issue, or there is also caused by human, not only for the passing-car, but also may some pollution and litter?

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