Why more and more Chinese visitor travel to Australia



In 13, January, 2016, Jamie Freed who is a journalist in Sydney Morning Herald reported a news named “Annual Chinese visitor numbers exceed 1 million for first time”. In this press, Jamie stated that the phenomenon about Chinese visitor is a big group of Australian traveling market. Chinese visitors cost $ 7.7 billion annual in Australia.


According to the Tourism Australia report in 2013 the total spend of Chinese is $ 4.8 billion. Between 2003 to 2013, education took the first place in the purpose of visit. Traveling for the holiday has increasing trend. The data shows that more and more Chinese like to travel to Australia for their holiday.


Owing to that the air quality of China is awful. PM 2.5 is the most significant air issue for Chinese society. PM 2.5 is not like a normal air pollution, it will have terrible influence in human healthy. So many Chinese visitor like to travel to Australia for the clean and clear air.


Story Angle


In my feature story, I want to explore the deep reason of Chinese travelers to Australia. The air quality may is one of the reasons of Chinese visitors travel to Australia. However, there may different reasons for Chinese visitor. Owing to that the whole world communication and development of information and technology, Chinese visitor prefer to travel abroad to feel different lifestyle in different country under different culture background.


Income of Chinese visitors has developed, they will have enough economy to support their traveling requirement. Some of them want to visit their children, because they are international students. So the reason of their traveling need to be explored. Moreover these reasons will give some view for Australian government and organization to develop the policy to enhance visitor to build the traveling market.


The way that Chinese travelers chosen is another angle to my feature. Some of them will choose the agency to help them do the whole thing include application of visa, tour route, booking hotel and flights. Some of them prefer to do the plan all by themselves, this is also connect with international traveling mode.




In my feature story, I will interview a manager named Mars of a travel agency only for Chinese visitor, he is my personal friend. His agency will give the specific opinion for the Chinese customization travel. They will have the information that the reason of Chinese visitors travel to Australia. They will give analysis of market report of the influence on Australian tourism by Chinese visitor.


I also will interview Chinese visitor in Australia right now. To find the real reason that they choose Australia not the US or other countries.


Finally, I will interview some journalists and professors in order to discuss the effect on Australian travel market.


Target Publication


Tourism Australia: a corporate of tourism in Australia which have the report and data analysis of Chinese tourist in Australia.


Sydney Morning Herald: travel news website



Reference List

Tourism Australia(2014). China Market Profile. Retrieved From: http://www.tourism.australia.com/documents/Markets/MarketProfile_China_May14.pdf


Sydney Morning Herald  (2016). Annual Chinese visitor numbers exceed 1 million for first time. Retrieved From:



Name: Jiali Li

SID: 440524142


2 thoughts on “Why more and more Chinese visitor travel to Australia

  1. Firstly, I think your topic is interesting and suitable for the current Australian issue. Picking the University of Sydney as an example, I always see Chinese tourists come here to visit everyday. Australia is a good place to travel due to its fresh air and attractive culture. Comparing with the quality of air in China, the advantage of Australia can be seen obviously.
    Secondly, about your angle, I think maybe only explore the reason why more and more Chinese visit Australia is not enough, maybe you can consider deeply. At present, the price of Chinese real estate is very high, so they choose to buy houses in Australia, and lead to the price of house rise rapidly. Also, they come here to buy lots of products, such as baby foluma and healthy products and conveys to China. Maybe consider about these two aspects could be better.

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    • Thank you Kary, your opinion is very useful for my feature, the real estate is really need to explore, I need to consider this issue and may interview some buyers from China. Thanks a lot!!


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