How social media is redefining what it means to be Miss China


The controversy surrounding beauty pageant contests have always been in debate since the organization such as Miss Universe was founded decades ago, with an increase in intensity on new disputes.

Yanliang Hu (Karen) was one of the dispute two years ago.

She was the first runner-up of Miss Universe China 2014 for a month, until she replaced the original winner Nora Xu who cannot fulfill her duty.

Karen Hu Yanliang – New Miss Universe China 2014 (1st runner up)

Karen Hu is the new Miss Universe China 2014 ¡Breaking News!


For the case of Miss Universe 2015, we as audiences witnessed a dramatic incident at this year’s Miss Universe final, the mistake at the crowning moment of Miss Universe was widely publicized. Was it a truly unintentional mistake made by an innocent host? Or was it a publicity stunt which aims to create public interest?

Karen shares her experience and views when she was in Sydney in the following interview:


“I think it’s a mistake, like the host I think he is really stressful about that. Luckily, he realized that he made a mistake and he told everyone that’s his fault. Well anyway it’s not a good news, I don’t think they need to sell it, because a lot of media and people are talk about it, it’s like 50/50.”


The similar thing happened to karen since she was not crowned straight away as someone else was, Karen said she understand Miss Philippines’ emotion whilst she was on stage.

Karen:”Yes similar like my experience. But it’s different because they didn’t crown me on stage.”

“I felt I’m really lucky but I also felt big pressure. Like I said, things have different side. That’s why I think Miss Philippines, she did really good job.”

As one of the organizers of the regional Miss China contest in Beijing, Karen said she will be open to recruit homosexual contestants or contestants had cosmetic surgery done.

“Honestly, I’m lesbian. The point of to be a Miss, that is what you have: You have your own mind and you know how to love people, It’s doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not.”

“For some girls, if they did surgery on their face or their body, I think it’s not a really big surgery, like you just put some Botox or just to make yourself look better, if you think the outside look will approve your confidence, I think it’s a nice thing, why not.” Karen said.

As China is getting more liberal compare to the past, we can be sure that the country will be more accepting as time goes by and Miss Universe is one of the many ways where it can remind the public of people and beauties can could come with confidence and love.