How social media is redefining what it means to be Miss China

The controversy surrounding beauty pageant contests have always been in debate since the organization such as Miss Universe was founded decades ago, with an increase in intensity on new disputes.

Yanliang Hu (Karen) was one of the dispute two years ago.


She was the first runner-up of Miss Universe China 2014 for a month, until she replaced the original winner Nora Xu who cannot fulfill her duty.

Karen Hu Yanliang – New Miss Universe China 2014 (1st runner up)

Karen Hu is the new Miss Universe China 2014 ¡Breaking News!


For the case of Miss Universe 2015, we as audiences witnessed a dramatic incident at this year’s Miss Universe final, the mistake at the crowning moment of Miss Universe was widely publicized. Was it a truly unintentional mistake made by an innocent host? Or was it a publicity stunt which aims to create public interest?

Karen shares her experience and views when she was in Sydney in the following interview:



“I think it’s a mistake, like the host I think he is really stressful about that. Luckily, he realized that he made a mistake and he told everyone that’s his fault. Well anyway it’s not a good news, I don’t think they need to sell it, because a lot of media and people are talk about it, it’s like 50/50.”


The similar thing happened to karen since she was not crowned straight away as someone else was, Karen said she understand Miss Philippines’ emotion whilst she was on stage.

Karen:”Yes similar like my experience. But it’s different because they didn’t crown me on stage.”

“I felt I’m really lucky but I also felt big pressure. Like I said, things have different side. That’s why I think Miss Philippines, she did really good job.”

As one of the organizers of the regional Miss China contest in Beijing, Karen said she will be open to recruit homosexual contestants or contestants had cosmetic surgery done.

“Honestly, I’m lesbian. The point of to be a Miss, that is what you have: You have your own mind and you know how to love people, It’s doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not.”

“For some girls, if they did surgery on their face or their body, I think it’s not a really big surgery, like you just put some Botox or just to make yourself look better, if you think the outside look will approve your confidence, I think it’s a nice thing, why not.” Karen said.

As China is getting more liberal compare to the past, we can be sure that the country will be more accepting as time goes by and Miss Universe is one of the many ways where it can remind the public of people and beauties can could come with confidence and love.



Miss Universe – Publicity stunt at it’s best?

Last December, a dramatic mistake was made by the host of Miss Universe 2015; Steve Harvey went down in history for triggering one of the most talked about crowning moment on the show. Steve mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the winner and the crown was taken off from her to the real winner – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines.

A series of news and media reports on this dramatic crowning moment was shown over and over again for weeks long:

Wrong contestant crowned at Miss Universe 2015 :

All the frocks and shocks from the Miss Universe 2015 final:


(Photo shows Miss Colombia’s “crowning moment”, which went on for roughly 3 minutes long)


(Until… Harvey said: “I have to apologize. The first runner up is Colombia.” On stage)


(Photo: Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega then crowned Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach after the winner was re-announced.)


(Photo: Harvey apologised in social media, with a spelling mistakes in his apology.)

Harvey has deleted his tweet above since it sparks anger from social media even more, then he retweeted his apologies.

“I’d like to apologise wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines for my huge mistake. I feel terrible,”

“Secondly, I’d like to apologise to the viewers at that I disappointed as well. Again it was an honest mistake.”

Harvey’s tweets got over 150 thousand ‘likes’ and 100 thousand re-tweets, here are some collections of the social media reactions from

Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner in Miss Universe pageant

Steve Harvey’s gaffe sets off social media onslaught

The controversy surrounding beauty pageant contests have always been in debate since the organization was founded decades ago, with an increase in intensity on new disputes.

The New York Times also covered the subject in their previous news article: Beauty Pageants Draw Social Media Critics.

According to Miss Universe takes social media by storm from, The quick onslaught made Miss Universe a top rankings trending topic, just as the hashtag #MissUniverse causing a major peak across all social media.

It all seems normal that celebrities in the world of showbiz are hyped-up, but will the public be tired of the hoo-ha that’s surrounding Miss Universe one day?

For the case of Miss Universe 2015, was it a truly unintentional mistake made by an innocent host? Or was it a publicity stunt which aims to create public interest?

The in depth research will be on the power and the influence of social media on entertainment industry, specifically the Miss Universe contest.

I will interview Miss China 2014, as she is the relevant personnel who is currently in the industry, with the insights of the beauty contest.

Moreover, the research will extend to the studies from Briggs, Mark (2012); Dijck, J., & Poell, T. (2013); Hermida, A. (2012) and Xin, X. (2011).

I want to do this topic because I was also a pageant in the Miss Universe Organisation, as the Miss China fourth runner-up in 2015.

When I was younger, beauty pageant seemed to me like a real life Cinderella story. However, it is far from a fairy tale. Each year, the results are often affected by many external factors such as financial and political preassures from sponsors and of different countries.

Through this article, I want to educate the young girls through exposing some ugly “truth”, and that winning a title doesn’t mean you are the most beautiful one and vice versa. As the younger girls should cherish what they have and not blindly pursue the so-called glamorous life, and certainly do not change their appearances based on any aesthetic standard that has been shaped by any beauty contest. They should not let anyone else or any other standards to judge who they are.

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A commentary on CNN news: ALL EYES ON TRUMP


The news articles I am discussing here is All eyes on Trump from CNN news by Eric Bradner on April 5, 2016.

The article was the first thing appeared on the main page of CNN News, it catches my eyes immediately by the name‘Trump’.

Under the title there is a video package played automatically, it starts with ads and also multiple ads throughout the rest of videos. The video package keeps playing for hours until I paused it.

Eric start the article with a brief summary of newest status of campaign in Milwaukee. I appreciate his compact style of writing, it abounds in neat turns of phrase yet informational enough to lead the reader into the next part of the texts.

Following by five individual sections divided by five sub-titles, each title has its own focus on different candidate. Eric remains objective tone throughout the texts, he also inserted photos, chart and more videos in between these sections to help reader analyzes the campaign.

In summary, the article is very informational for the readers who want to comprehensively understand the current issue of 2016 U.S election.

In my opinion, there are too many ads in the website.

Moreover, the article would be better if the editor could choose a range of videos that is more selected and more targeted.

In addition, as a mainstream and an American media, it stands to reason that CNN has its focus on their local news such as U.S. politics in the U.S. edition. However, since I’ve changed into international edition, the top news is still the same subject, which I would expected and preferred the subject could be something less American, but more international.

Jingsi Guo. SID: 460088280. Word count: 280.

Six people were killed by Cyclone ‘Victor’


Yesterday morning, Six people were killed by Cyclone ‘Victor’ in Solomon islands. More than 100 people are homeless, plenty of buildings are damaged and Honiara has been the worst affected.

At 2 a.m. yesterday morning, meteorologists at the Nadi Weather Centre detected a cyclone developing rapidly near Nauru and moving quickly south-west across the Pacific towards the Solomon Islands. They named the cyclone “Victor”. At 3 a.m., they contacted the Solomon Islands government warning of the approach of Cyclone Victor. Government officials immediately put emergency plans into operation. They warned all shipping in the area of the cyclone’s approach. They broadcast warnings on the radio, and alerted the police, who in turn sent officers to warn the people. By 10 a.m., winds in Honiara were blowing at more than 140 kilometres per hour. At about midday, the centre of the cyclone passed directly over Honiara before tracking into the Coral Sea, where it blew itself out. In Honiara, more than 20 houses were destroyed and a number of other buildings sustained considerable structural damage. More than 100 people are now homeless. Six people were killed. Another 18 people have been treated in hospital for minor injuries. Mopping-up operations have started in Honiara. The emergency services are still awaiting news from outlying districts but believe that Honiara has been the worst affected. Police say that of the six people who died, three men drowned when their car was blown off the road into a river, and two women and a man were killed by flying debris.