Deregistration aborted: religious clubs resurrected

by Winmas Yu (SID: 450536382)

Reflecting on the recent potential deregistration from the University of Sydney Union, the President of the Catholic Society has cited misunderstanding as the major reason that caused the incident.

The University of Sydney Union retracted after calling religious clubs to remove “discriminatory clauses” in constitutions. Image: Winmas Yu

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USYD Freedom of Association at Stake

by Winmas Yu (SID: 450536382)

The University of Sydney Union (USU) recently requested various student religious societies to amend their membership requirements and to ensure all university students (a.k.a. USU members) would have equal rights and accessibilities in joining a club and being executive members, otherwise they could face “deregistraion”, and, consequently, further funding and campus facilities would not be granted for club events.

University of Sydney quad” by Andrea Schaffer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The request has drawn public and media attention in late-March this year, and was reported extensively by local and national papers, with most of the attention focused on the Evangelical Union (EU) and the Catholic Society.

EU would have to abolish its requirement for prospective members to declare that “Jesus is my Lord”, while the latter was asked to open their executive positions to non-Catholics.

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Several changes brought by Sydney CBD light rail upgrade

Transportation is always a big concern for the public. Sydney, as a renowned metropolis, the public transportation has a big room to improve. According to the report of ABC news, this project arousing controversy which more or less affecting the CBD commuters and related businesses. In this level, I would dig into the new transport design bringing what changes in the present and future Sydney.


Based on the proper resources, the light rail project mainly aiming to relieve the increasing CBD transportation pressure, shorten commuting time and enhance the city competitiveness. Approximate $2 billion investment will put into paving the tunnel. Moreover, the CBD and South East Light Rail project is estimated cost about $500 million in total. The official department claims that the new light rail will deliver significantly greater benefits for Sydney. As payback of the massive investment, traffic integration, increased capacity, simpler transfer and possible business chance could be surely expected.

However, the instantly visible inconveniences also become a difficult issue to cope. One of the most noticeable changes is the transport burden has massively boosted in Elizabeth Street due to the Pitt Street closed. Even some favours alternative arrangements for buses instead of a light-rail line through the CBD, concerned the impact on Elizabeth Street from a sharp increase in buses, which could result in long lines of vehicles.

The opposition leader Luke Foley also claimed that the light rail project is either cannot bring a long-term return or solve heart area traffic congestion mostly. Put it simply, and the new light rail will occupy the whole road so that block other go through the main street. Furthermore,  certainly affected businesses cannot get compensation by this construction.

Therefore, I am going to write my news feature story by leading up a personal angle story. For example, I will randomly interview some citizens, retailers, officers, then pick up one most engaging story in the opening paragraph. After that, briefly, introduce the background information (e.g. the initial reason for planning this project, the necessity of this the light rail, etc.)and different opinion from various behalves. Lastly, listing supporting data to illustrate specific questions and adding a few comments.
Considering the news feature title keywords’changes’, I would like to interview three groups. Firstly, I am planning to ask some shop owners who shop located along Pitt Street. The main aim is to research the secondly, collecting some ideas from the random pass by pedestrians, which may bring diversify answers based on different background. Lastly, contacting with the project officer ask them the official estimation of benefits and challenges regarding the upgrade.

 Light rail fact sheet and contacts.png

“The project will present some significant challenges so it’s important that we draw on international experience to assess the best ways to procure, construct, operate and maintain light rail.”(Gladys Berejiklian, 2013)

As this is a news feature story, the target publication platforms could be Sydney Morning Harold, ABC News, Daily Mail and so on.


Post by Wu Yingrui(Rebecca)

SID: 450461534


Some improvement on an Upstart article Tobacco tax: A double-edged sword



After searching for the online articles, I chose a story posted on Upstart with a headline Tobacco tax: A double-edged sword, which focuses on the effect of the policy as well as the impact on young Australians. I also found another article about the same topic on ABC News Online Tobacco tax increase flagged as possible revenue option for Federal budget.

Although the Upstart’s story has an attractive headline that catches readers’ eyes and interactive-features where readers can comment by leaving a reply below, there is also a lot of areas for improvement on this article.

To improve the scannability of the text, I would try to add some subheadings such as “the policy””hard to give up” “diminish returns” to give the readers numerous points into the news.It would also give readers an idea of what they are getting.

Browsing the whole article is a little boring because there is not a video or a picture. The multimedia content can make it easier to attract reader’s reading interest and for readers to understand. I would add one or two smoking related pictures or a bar chart to illustrate the data mentioned in the article.

( Congying Li,  SID:450487970, Word count: 199)

Cyclone Victor claims six

More than 20 houses were destroyed by Cyclone Victor in Honiara

Six people died and 18 were injured after cyclone Victor struck Honiara City yesterday. More than a hundred people were left homeless after strong winds destroyed at least 20 houses.

Among the six casualties, three men died from drowning when their car was blown off the road into the river by winds moving more than 140 kilometers per hour. Flying debris hit two women and a man who died from the impact.

Emergency personnel are still attending to the victims in hospitals, while awaiting information on injured individuals from other areas outside Honiara.

Several buildings sustained structural damages from the cyclone. Officials already began clearing operations in the affected areas.

Meteorologists at the Nadi Weather Centre detected the cyclone moving quickly towards the Solomon Islands at 2 a.m. yesterday and named it “Victor” after an hour.

Government officials immediately began emergency plans. They warned all shipping companies and sent broadcast warnings to radio stations and police departments.

Six people were killed by a cyclone

Six people were killed in Honiara by a cyclone yesterday.

According to police,six people who died, three men drowned when their car was blown off the road into a river, and two women and a man were killed by flying debris.

Winds were blowing at more than 140 kilometres per hour.More than 20 houses were destroyed and more than 100 people are now homeless.


Early yesterday morning, meteorologists at the Nadi Weather Center detected the cyclone developing rapidly across Pcific towards the Solomon Island. So they contacted the Solomon Islands government and the officials immediately put emergency plans into operation.

At about midday, the centre of the cyclone passed directly over Honiara before tracking into the Coral Sea.


Six Die in Cyclone “Victor”.

Six people died and over 100 people are homeless in Solomon Islands now because the Victor Cyclone with high speed passed directly yesterday.winston_2016-02-20_0130z_cropped

Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands, has been the worst affected place of the deadly Cyclone Victor. Nadi Weather Centre founded this cyclone at 2 a.m. of yesterday and warned the government of Solomon Island. By 10 a.m., winds in Honiara were blowing at more than 140kph. About two hours latter, the centre of Victor passed over Honiara, then tracking into Coral Sea.

This deadly cyclone caused six people died, including four men and two women, eighteen people injured, twenty houses destroyed and more than 100 people are homeless.2015-03-15t095317z2010845298gm1eb3f1di901rtrmadp3weather-vanuatu-cyclone2

Mopping-up operations have started in Honiara.