The biggest part of Australian tourism market—Chinese visitors

More and more Chinese visitors like to travel to Australia for their vacation, and the reason that why they choose Australia as their destination needs to be explored that can improve Australian tourism market developments. High quality environment, cheaper and high quality products and a chance of parents to join their child’s graduation are the three main reasons.


The increasing number of Chinese visitors has took the great status in Australian tourism market, Chinese visitors is the biggest consumer group. This situation has influence on the other filed in whole Australian society, such as overseas education and property investment. So the reason of Chinese are keen on traveling to Australia cannot be ignored.


The high quality of environment in Australia is the first thing to attractive Chinese visitor, especially the air quality. Owing to that Chinese air quality is in a worrying environment issue in Chinese society. PM 2.5 is the most serious issue especially in Beijing, moreover, PM 2.5 still has negative influence on citizen’s healthy. As a result, the high air quality will has the most attraction of Chinese tourists.


Chan Chen, who is a Chinese visitor traveling to Australia more than three times in five years, said, “I have travelled to Australia biennially, just because air quality in Australia better than China. I love the weather and the sunshine in Australia, which I cannot feel in China in several years.” Xin Cheng, who is a graduate of the University of Sydney, accompanied with her grandparents and parents, said, “I just want to let my grandparents to feel fresh air and sunshine.”


High air quality is taking the great part in choice of Chinese visitors during them making a travelling plan. Sunshine is also another aspect when visitors doing a choice, owing to that PM 2.5 blocking the sunshine, so people cannot receive Vitamin D, so there are some healthy issue in Chinese citizens.


Second aspect of reason that Chinese visitors choose Australia as the first choice is that the graduation of their child. To join graduate ceremony and taking a trip in Australia is the reason of most Chinese parents.


Boshen Wang, who is a manager in a travel agency only for Chinese visitor, said, “Most of Chinese elder visitor travelling to Australia just for their children’s graduate ceremony, and this may the only chance to travel to overseas.” Boshen added, “Because the working schedule affects that they do not have the spare time to travel abroad. Owing to this situation, my company will give the different specific plan for different clients according to their own condition.” Ting Wang who is a mother of a student in the University of Sydney gave a statement about her own travelling experience. “I am very busy in daily working life, I do not have time to travel, not only for overseas trip, but also in domestic travel, if my daughter do not study in Sydney, and maybe I would never have a chance travel to Australia in recent years.” Moreover, she is a client of Boshen’s company, for the reason that she chose an agency for her trip, she said, “I just want to let my trip easily and find an agency to help me to do all the application thing and making a professional plan is better than I do this things by myself.” However, Qiuchen Xie, who is a mother for a student in the University of New South Wales, has different opinion. “I did travelling plan by my son and myself, in my person opinion, this time maybe is my the only chance to travel to Australia, so I want to do the suitable plan for myself, and the experience of the application is a good challenge for me.”

Owing to that more and more Chinese students study in Australia, the tourism market in Australia has been drove. The consumer group in this situation is Chinese parents. In another hand, this will also drive the education income of Australian university. These parents will spread good information of Australian education to their friends, which will attract more Chinese students study abroad.


Finally, the reason of Chinese visitors travel to Australia is cheaper and high quality stuffs. The quality of Chinese production is a serious issue, especially, the milk powder of baby. This is the reason that a new career named Daigou occurs, which is a group of Chinese people who study or live in overseas to do purchase to Chinese market in personal way. The most popular production is milk powder of baby.


Jie Shu is a manager of a souvenir shop, she said, “Many of my costumers are visitors from China, during the travelling process they will buy many Australian products for their friends and family. Some of them we called MPB (Milk Powder Buyer).” One of the interviewees in the shop said, “I do not want to let my name in a feature, but I can tell my personal experience about the aim of my travelling. When the first time I travelled to Sydney, some of my friends asked me to buy some milk powder for their little baby, and I found it is a good way to earn some money during my trip, I know it is illegal, but this really attract me to do this business. And the cheaper production is really good for me to send gift for my friends and for myself.”


Despite buying some souvenirs during trip is an illegal way to earn money, but still many Chinese visitors doing this kind of business. Moreover, cheaper production really attracts some young ladies to travel to Australia to buy it.


As for Chinese visitors, Australia is heaven of travelling. High quality environment, cheaper products and suitable travelling service specific for Chinese parents, these elements are the good for Chinese visitors experience in Australia.


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