Characteristics of Online Journalism: A take on a WikiNews story about a Bomb explosion in Lahore

For this analysis, I have chosen the Bomb explosion in Lahore kills more than 65 on Easter story, which was reported on WikiNews on March 28.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 5.53.00 pm.png

Bradshaw and Rohumaa (2011) list the defining characteristics of online journalism (pp. 30-31), and while this story seems to fulfil most of them, it lacks in a few aspects, like reporting a story in real-time, and it could do a better use of multimedia and interactivity.

Bradshaw and Rohumaa (2011) suggest that “journalists can report a story in real-time and distribute the story concurrently to several sites on several platforms” (p. 30). While the story was shared on WikiNews’ Twitter, that was the only other site besides the main platform that it was shared on, despite WikiNews having a Facebook page, and even more, considering that nowadays, readers get their news through different sources, like other social media sites, and mobile apps. Therefore, WikiNews could improve it’s reporting in real-time using more social media platforms.

The article includes a general map of Lahore, but it is the only piece of multimedia it has, and the map does not indicate where the bombings happened. The article could use different types of media, as it would make it more engaging and interesting.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.25.53 pm
Map of Lahore included in the article

Finally, the article has a comments section, and a section to point out errors in the article, but there is no apparent way of communicating with the journalist(s), and besides the comment section, there is no other way of reinforcing a community. The platform would benefit from a way to communicate directly with the writer(s), and a way to interact with other readers.


Bradshaw, P., & Rohumaa, L. (2011). The online journalism handbook: Skills to survive and thrive in the digital age (1st ed.). Harlow; New York; Essex: Longman.


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A commentary on an Upstart article regarding the Victorian pill testing

by Winmas Yu (SID: 450536382)

This post is a commentary on an article regarding the Victorian yet-to-be approved pill testing scheme, posted on Upstart, written by Brittany Lyons.

Victorian pill testing awaits approval   upstart 2
A screenshot of the Upstart article by Brittany Lyons.

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