A commentary on an Upstart article regarding the Victorian pill testing

by Winmas Yu (SID: 450536382)

This post is a commentary on an article regarding the Victorian yet-to-be approved pill testing scheme, posted on Upstart, written by Brittany Lyons.

Victorian pill testing awaits approval   upstart 2
A screenshot of the Upstart article by Brittany Lyons.

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Why the Internet is the end and the beginning of journalism

There’s been a lot of talk about wether or not internet, digital & social media and all the technologies arising would mean the end of the journalist.

Short answer?

Yes, they will.

Plot Twist:

They’ll also change it for good.

As Pawl Lewis cleverly states, having devices connected to the Internet at all times, capable of taking pictures and record video and share it whenever we want, even in real time, is a game changer for journalism.

But the real change has come with Social Media and the democratisation of content generation, that allows anyone to share their thoughts (or facts) with the world. The next logical step will be a progressive blurring of the lines between trusted traditional media and new content creators, partly deserved for highly biased editorial groups and their over-reliance in the market and governmental power. When we reach a point where traditional media aren’t trusted more that any news story trending on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook, the editorial business may be over. And it seems we’re getting there, to the era of the citizen journalist.

And the agile media are getting it. Those who just stay in the past will be left behind.

Maybe everyone should follow the example of Al Jazeera here.

What do you think?