A commentary on an Upstart article Commission into Family Violence delivers findings

by Qian Lu, SID: 450429523

This is a commentary on a news article Commission into Family Violence delivers findings, posted on Upstart, written by Matthew Elmas.

A screenshot of the Upstart article

The concise and clear headlines with keywords is important to search engine optimisation  (SEO) (Bradshaw et al., 2011, p.36). This article has a clear and unambiguous headline. The simple introduction contains the information about who, what and when to lead readers.

This article also used video and photos to get readers engaged, moreover, the author used several hyperlinks to give background information and related stories.

Author uses hyperlinks to give background information.

The site allows readers to comment on this article, which enhances the interactivity.

Tagging and categorising content contributes to SEO as well (ibid.), the tag “domestic violence” makes readers easier to search.

However, there are some drawbacks of this article.

Long article could be chunk out by white space, sub-headings, images, embedded video or audio. There are one image and an embedded video, but no sub-headings to navigate readers.

There is no social media share button on the site, so readers can not share it to others and the click rate would be low.

( Word count: 192)


Bradshaw, P., & Rohumaa, L. (2013). The online journalism handbook: skills to survive and thrive in the digital age. Routledge. pp.29-46.

Elmas, M. (2016, March 30). Commission into Family Violence delivers findings. Retrieved from http://www.upstart.net.au/2016/03/30/royal-commission-into-family-violence-delivers-227-reccomendations/


A commentary on an Upstart article regarding the Victorian pill testing

by Winmas Yu (SID: 450536382)

This post is a commentary on an article regarding the Victorian yet-to-be approved pill testing scheme, posted on Upstart, written by Brittany Lyons.

Victorian pill testing awaits approval   upstart 2
A screenshot of the Upstart article by Brittany Lyons.

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Areas for improvement on an Upstart article


dont sugar coat stress
The text lacks visual appeal without sub-headings, bullet points and photos

After browsing through online articles on health, particularly on obesity, I came across an interesting story on ABC News Online entitled “Emotional eating fuelling Australia’s obesity epidemic, psychologist says”.

I found another article on Upstart that tackled the same topic with the headline, “Don’t sugarcoat stress”.

Although Upstart’s story has a catchier headline, it has several areas for improvement.

Scrolling the entire text is overwhelming since it looks lengthy and it does not have sub-headings to give readers an idea of what they are getting. Subheadings enhance the scannability of a webpage, because they give readers numerous entry points into the material (Rohumaa & Bradshaw, 2011, p. 37).

It would have also been better for Upstart to post key points about the article so that readers will have a gist of the story and its important parts. This can also enhance the audience’s recall of the story.

I also suggest pictures to be included in the article, to add to its visual appeal. Lastly, media-sharing buttons to other social networking sites will increase the article’s readership.

Despite the article’s areas for improvement, it still has good features. It is well tagged and a number of hyperlinks are available to lead readers to other sites which contain the story’s sources of information. . Hyperlinking allows multilinear or multisequential reading of text (Tapas, 2006, p.38). It also has interactive features wherein readers can comment on the article by leaving a reply below and they can also respond to the author via his twitter account which is hyperlinked on the page.

Name: Patricia Andrea Patena

Student ID: 460071754

Word Count: 258 words


Rohumaa, L. and Bradshaw, P. (2011) ‘Writing for the Web’. In: The Online Journalism Handbook: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Age. Routledge.

Tapas, Ray (2006) Multimediality, Interactivity and Hypertextuality, in Online Journalism, New Delhi: Foundation Books.